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As I sit down to write the first journal entry of hopefully many more to come, I’ve realised something quite remarkable. Whilst it maybe our first, it will likely be our most important and could be considered an overarching principal and part introduction to the many more thought provoking and specific editorials we hope to bring you in the future.

Now that I’ve elevated the task at hand - I will get straight to the point.

The newly coined phrase ‘’self love’’ has become a familiar one and we are often reminded of such whether it be from social media, friends or the latest app on mindfulness.

I consider that self-care can mean different things to each of us and is likely a lifelong process as we learn to adjust boundaries for ourselves, relationships and family. For some it can be exercise, beach days, taking a long bath, even powering through work or reading a book that helps evoke a positive emotion, calm or an element of growth as an individual.

On the other hand some of you could be reading this thinking - ye right - if only I had the time? Work, kids, relationships and time for yourself is often neglected or near impossible to find or just another thing to figure out.

Sometimes and for different reasons we can be forced into action, as we navigate life events such as relationship break-ups, illness or the loss of a loved one which can lead us to slow down and find that discovery.

It’s how many of my friendship group started their self love journey with relationship break ups taking the No. 1 spot.   

During the shock (sometimes) upset and haze of a breakup whether we intended it or not we all bounce back!  Personally, I had the help of a book called ‘’Love yourself like your life depends on it’’.  Inside, a beautiful handwritten note from my dear friend to me.  The least I could do of course was to open the first page? So I did just that.  

The Book Cover Love yourself Like your life depends on it

I Immersed in self love practices just as the book described.. 

Yet once out of the woods a.k.a. over the break-up and back into the swing of busy life, how do you find time for it all?  To practice a certain commitment of self-love to yourself - daily.  

For me, I did what most women do well - I multi-tasked.  I combined the practices of self love I had learnt with my evening cleansing routine.  It has become my go to ‘’ritual’’ that I find easy to stay committed to.

Others may choose to do theirs in the car, at the gym or through full meditation - the key is finding what works for you.  What I have learnt is that it requires a certain level of commitment, just as skincare does to realise the full benefits.  So, combining the two made perfect sense to me.  

Every evening, I close the bathroom door mentally and physically to work, kids, husband and I stand tall in front of the mirror, and I breathe.  Deeply.  

Every evening I reach for my all the favourite oil cleanser Votary Rose Geranium and Apricot Cleansing Oil  -  it's the perfect cleanser for my ritual whilst removing the day, everything from make-up, even waterproof mascara, spf, daily grime and pollution with ease.

I kickstart my ritual with a breathing technique. Breathing deeply for 5 seconds (I smell the heavenly scent of rose and geranium) holding for 5 seconds, then exhale, 3 times over - letting go and the day’s events, any negativity and stresses with each exhale.  

Whilst I massage my cleanser into my skin I reaffirm the self-love teachings I picked up and make a mental note of all the things I am grateful for in life - ''my gratitude list''. 

If time allows I pick up my Heart - Self Love Gu S
ha tool and smooth over my face - helping lift, stimulate and support lymphatic drainage.

I then remove every last drop cleanser from from face with a fluffy face cloth, my favourite way to cleanse.  

Feeling calmer for the 5 minutes I have taken for myself whilst applying my evening skincare routine I feel happy that I have made a small investment in me and that I know my complicated skin will thank me for. 

With a little bit of self-love and care I know I am better equipped at dealing with whatever life throws at me.  

Wishing you health and happiness. 


Book: Author Kamal Ravikant - Love yourself like your life depends on it.

Image: Arabella Preston - Votary, Co-Founder. 

Written By: Claire Miller  

Founder of The Skincare Edit 

Advanced Aesthetic Facialist and Skincare Consultant

Advanced Skin Science diploma, Advanced Skin Assessment and British and International Cosmetology Certified.

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“As you love yourself, life loves you back”

Kamal Ravikant