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Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Master of Science degree - Harvard University

PhD from Oxford University - Field of Skin Cancer, Skin Ageing & Antioxidants

A world-renowned authority in the field of skin ageing

For 15 years Dr. Lens has been at the forefront of innovation and pioneering skincare with the acclaimed brand, Zelens.  

Now for the first time Zelens is available here in the Middle East.  

Unconventional in todays skincare world of celebrity releases, hype and trends, Dr. Marko Lens has pioneered science-backed formulas with clinical proven efficacy through a life-long obsession of science and active botanicals. 

In 2021, Dr Lens revealed to the world his new formulation, staying true to his word and reputation for innovation and offering the very latest in skincare. 

-Dr. Marko Lens

We got the chance to ask Dr Lens the questions we have always wanted answers to, explore his latest collection and ask him his top skincare tips for those living in the Middle East.  

On his motivation for re-formulating Zelens and re-branding... 

Over recent years, there has been a lot of scientific innovation in biotechnology and skincare, and many new studies. So our knowledge has advanced since I founded the brand, and I simply wanted to offer our customer the absolute latest in skincare science; to put that new knowledge into every jar.

The new look is understated and beautifully elegant, do you get involved in the look of the products outside of the laboratory?  

Absolutely, I am personally involved in everything that we develop as a brand. Our new look was designed by a fantastic designer, Moses Voigt, a former creative director at Acne in Sweden. We kept the frosted glass that our customers know and love. And since it allows the many beautiful natural colours of our new formulas to shine through, it felt right to change from the previous green logo to a contemporary black logo and black lids - it’s simply more chic.

We love to hear and see your passion about helping people achieve healthy, beautiful skin. Tell us some easy steps we should all be incorporating to help us achieve long lasting healthy skin. 

It is essential to wear a daily broad spectrum sunscreen - we are working on a new fantastic formula at the moment - and to protect skin from environmental factors like pollution, blue light and other stressors, which can cause premature skin ageing. I recommend to look for formulas with antioxidants, and ingredients which support a healthy skin barrier, such as provitamin D, which we use in several of our products.

Give us two products that you consider as absolute essentials for us living in the Middle East? 

Tea Shot - Antioxidant and Urban Defence in combination with..

Microbiota P3 - Balancing mist

(We are cheering -  two firm staples in our own skincare routines here at The Skincare Edit HQ - we're giving ourselves 10/10)

Which products are you most proud of from the new collection..   Did you have any ‘oh wow’ moments during the development process? 

I am excited about our new Powers vitamin alphabet. We already had Power A, C and D, and now we have B and E as well. The Powers are potent vitamin concentrates which allow you to add different vitamins to your regime to target specific concerns, without disrupting the rest of your routine.

Our Tea Shot Urban Defence Serum is also a wonderful new formula; we used five different types of tea for their antioxidant benefits, and the result is a daily-anti pollution serum that protects skin from the environmental stressors that we all face every day.

Through experts like yourself, the consumer has become a lot more knowledgeable about the power of antioxidants in preventing premature ageing. Can you tell us more about your thinking on this.

I do not believe in single hero ingredients and thus I do not believe in one single antioxidant. In order to effectively fight 'various types' of free radicals we need different antioxidants. That is why Zelens combines multiple antioxidants to work in synergy in one formulation. 

(This is why we love Dr. Lens!) 

We see many beautiful ingredients listed such as Beetroot extract, Blue Agave, Red Seaweed, Shiso Leaf, what unique benefits do they bring to your formulas and our skin? 

I have a lifelong passion for botanicals, and Zelens has always been a hybrid skincare brand, combining high tech ingredients with powerful botanicals. We choose plants that have proven benefits to skin, and source them from around the world, utilising them in innovative ways. For example, we often use fermented extracts to get the maximum benefits from each. One of my favourites is Shiso, also known as Japanese mint, which has multiple benefits for skin: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties, and so on.

For the first time you have developed a Professional Range for spa and clinic coming to professionals in the Middle East soon, can you tell us more about the range and your thoughts and ideas behind it? 

I wanted to create a clinical Spa line, line that will give the clients immediately visible results. It contains many ingredients that target different molecules of the skin. Use of our device 3D URF helps with the delivery of active ingredients and at the same time helps improve skin firmness and elasticity.

 The End. 

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