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Collagen Berry Deluxe - Hydrolysed Peptides - Morlife Collagen Pantry, 200g

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An all round wellness and skin boosting supplement made from real organic superfoods - that smells and tastes of berries.  

Includes super charged hydrolysed collagen peptides, antioxidant super fruits, key phytonutrients, Coenzyme Q10 and Silica. 

A staple product for anyone focusing on boosting their inner wellness and antioxidant capabilities. 

From Australian wellness revolution Morlife, founded by Dr Warren Stewart with 27 years experience in nutrition research and development.

Berry Deluxe contains a premium selection of delicious and powerful antioxidants, organic super fruits and vitamins and minerals, including Strawberry, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Cherry, Cranberry. Along with 45% - 5000mg of clinically proven Verisol® hydrolysed collagen peptides to support skin structure and .

Elderberry, Bilberry, Turmeric, Rosemary, Aloe Vera, Ginkgo, Carrot, Black Pepper, Grapeseed, Green Tea), Spinach, Cacao, Rosehip are further skin boosting ingredients. 


Internal Antioxidant Protection, fights free radicals that cause DNA damage and inflammation

Clinically proven to form new collagen in the skin and joints 

Strong Hair, Nails and Skin


Vitamin E - 143% RDI per serve

Vitamin C - 94% RDI per serve

Vitamin A – 17% RDI per serve

Zinc - 23% RDI per serve

Selenium – 35% RDI per serve

Biotin – 167% RDI per serve

Plus Coenzyme Q10 Silica

A generous amount of clinically proven Verisol® Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Peptides - 5000 mg


Superior ingredient sourcing from this fantastic family owned company, Morlife.

They extract and process each ingredient with absolute care and attention to ensure each ingredient retains it's nutritional value. Using Low-Temperature Drying Methods.

This Berry Deluxe formulation is everything you could want from an overall beauty booster. Supporting skin health, neutralising oxidative stresses and provides vital vitamins and minerals needed by the body for optimum function.

Morlife use only clinically proven Verisol® Hydrolysed Collagen peptides that are proven to stimulate the skin's metabolism and counteract the loss of collagen and elastin in our cellular skin matrix. Increasing skin's strength and structure along with delaying the formation of wrinkles.


SIZE: 200g


Up to twice a day - one teaspoon, added to water, smoothies and food.

It takes 27-42 days for the skin to renew itself (the newest formed cells to reach the top). This process slows down as we age. This means it will likely take at least a month before you start to notice the real differences. However, added wellbeing begins from the moment you start taking it!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kate - Verified Review (Abu Dhabi, AE)
Make way for complements

I used this for a month and have never had so many complements about how great my skin is looking. I really love this product, can highly recommend.

Charlotte - Verified Review
Please keep in stock

I have been waiting for this to come back into stock. Now stockrd up and bought 3 pouches. Filled with so much goodness. Everything about my health and joints feel better then I take this. I mix with water only. Its delicious

Lucia N. - Verified Review
An absolute game changer

Not only it tastes absolutely divine, and mixes well with water, juice or smoothies, the difference on my skin, nails and joints is unbelievable. After 30 days, I can confidently say that the skin feels and looks plumper and dewy. In fairness, I changed my skincare routine around the same time, using Votary products, so the difference to my skin could be combination of both - Berry deluxe and Votary products. However, seeing the impact on my nails and joints, the powder definitely delivers on its promises, and is now an absolute must. A bonus: it fits well with macros, so those following IIFYM life style, will be incredibly pleased :)

Sarah - Verified Review
Cannot get enough

I absolutely love this! It is delicious and I have noticed a huge difference. Sometimes I take it once a day, sometimes twice. It also helps fit me up and since taking I have lost some much needed baby weight. My nails, skin are stronger and plumper and I can see a real difference butt also I feel a lot better in my health. thank you.

Olga - Verified Review
Smell the berries

Tastes beautiful. I simply add to water.
You can smell and taste the quality in this beauty food all rounder.

Have almost got to the end of my first pouch now. Hair skin and nails.. Especially nails and also my joints all hugely improved. My skin feels thicker too some how. Love the collegen is all proven, bio available and hydrolysed peptides.

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