Cryo Ice Sticks

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Use from the centre of the face, outward, to flush lymph, detoxify and de-puff.

STEP 1 - Eye x 5

Use over serum, cream, mask or directly on the skin. Begin with the eyebrows - work the flatter side of the tools along the contour of the eyebrow to the temple. Move to the eye socket and hold the tools over the eye. Move to underneath the eye, use sweeping outward movements to the temples. 

STEP 2 - Cheek and jaw line x 5

Work from the middle of the face outwards. Move underneath the cheekbones to the top of the ear. Hold above the ear (also work around and behind the ear). The ergonomic design of the Cryo Sticks are perfect to work the contours of the face. Work to the jawline, each movement working towards the ears in an outward movement.

STEP 3 - Forehead x 5

Start in the centre of the forehead, work the tools outwards horizontally until reaching the hairline. Hold the tools on the hairline. Work the forehead upwards from the eye brow to the hairline, lifting the eye brow.

STEP 4 - Neck x 5

Work the Ice Sticks down the neck for lymphatic drainage focusing under the chin.

A few tips:

* Rest the tools on the nape of the neck for an extra cooling effect.

* Work the tools down the décolletage and in between the breasts.

* Ideal to use after Microneedling, Laser treatment or peels.

* Can be used any time of day to refreshen and de-puff the entire face.

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