Oliviere Wilson

Oliviere Wilson Hair Microneedling

AED 280

Inclusive of all taxes and import charges.
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A barrel of 540 medical grade titanium needles for long term use and results.

0.5mm needle size.


Stimulating and strengthenng hair follicles to hold on to hair for longer, minimising hair loss.  

Combine with hair growth factor serum, such Nanogen, for amplified absorption and ultimate results. For male & female pattern baldness.  


Your scalp is skin after all and healthy skin means healthy hair growth.   

Oliviere Wilson Microneedling can help you achieve thicker fuller hair.  Hair follicles that are stronger, healthier and the results visible. 


Those wanting to increase and retain hair growth.  

Step 1 - Dampen Hair

Slightly dampen your hair and flatten to avoid roller getting caught. Create a parting to expose the thinning area.

Step 2 - Roll

Microneedle your scalp 5-7 times vertically. Lift roller and microneedle 5-7 times horizontally. Apply light pressure.

Step 3 - Serum

Combine with hair growth serum for more effective results. The treatment requires dedication for results! Longer term bi-weekly treatments are recommended for healthy hair maintenance.

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