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Ross J. Barr Antioxidant Q10 Formula, 60 Tablets

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A powerful antioxidant formula containing all of the major antioxidant vitamins and minerals to help keep cells healthy and formulated as a food state supplement to ensure optimal absorption.

Coenzyme Q10 (Q10 for short) is our antioxidant hero and a natural substance found in almost every cell in our body. It is the core energy pack of our cells (sluggish cells are more susceptible to damage) neutralises free radicals to protect cells from the harmful effects of DNA damage.

Much independent research has revealed Co-Q10 has a wide range of health benefits from reducing oxidative and cell membrane damage to being good for our heart, brain, metabolic function and skin. 


- Energy production 

- Metabolic function and fat burning

- Brain function 

- Reducing free radical and DNA damage 

- Skin from environmental damage and helps maintain youthful skin structure 

- Fertility for both Men (sperm quality) and Women (egg maturation and quality) 


Developed by Ross J. Barr, who is regarded as one of the UK's leading and trusted fertility specialists. 

All Ross' supplements are derived from plants and are in a natural food state, free from synthetic chemicals to ensure the body recognises them and digests them as a bioavailable form for  maximum impact. 

With over a decade of treating infertility Ross recognises that nutrition is often the most influential non-genetic factor in foetal development. 

Enzyme Q-10 is our free radical-fighting hero, supplementation is particularly recommended for anyone over the age of 34 trying to conceive in order to help preserve the DNA within sperm and the egg.


30 Tablets

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