Seeking solace in a favourite face oil or heavier moisturiser might seem like the only answer, but here are a few other tips we can share.. 

1. Keep your skin barrier strong.  Niacinamide is anti-inflammatory, regulates barrier function and also has a soothing effect. A great choice especially for oilier, dehydrated skins. 

2. Load up on Antioxidants, moving from the heat to the cold outside wreaks havoc on our skin. Spending more time inside with less fresh air also has its issues: ''Recycled air has more toxins in it.''

3. Keep exfoliation gentle and dial it down to 2-3 times a week only.

4. Stick with a moisturiser that suits your skin, i.e. whilst it maybe tempting to simply apply a thicker cream or oil, stick with products that suit your skin type. 

5. Layer your hydration with light serums and mists, air conditioning removes water from the atmosphere, which in turn removes water from the skin. Mists are a great way to add easy and deep hydration to the skin. 

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