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Virtual Consultations


With our Internationally Accredited Skincare Expert. 

Certified and Qualified by CIBTAC  - International Cosmetology Confederation

Are you looking to realise your best skin and in need of a skincare overhaul?

Whether you are struggling to identify your skin type, build a skincare routine that targets your concerns or have multiple issues and do not know which to treat first.. 

 A personalised consultation could be perfect for you.

We are your International / British expert aesthetician. Meet us virtually for a 1-to-1 consultation, providing you with bespoke advice for your unique skin. 

We will ask you questions about your current routine, lifestyle, how you wash your face.. and we look to discover all the details to guide you to glowing healthy skin. 

We will help you indentify your skin type, update your current regime using both old (what's in your cupboard) and new products, and you can learn more about ingredients, skincare science or product application – whatever your purpose we are here to help you. 

During the 25 minute conversation, your expert will help identify any conditions your skin is currently facing, your current routine, lifestyle and diet.  We will then explore and plan a personalised routine factoring in your lifestyle and budget to achieve a healthy, glowing complexion at home.

After your consultation you will be able to view, edit and purchase your result-driven skincare regime from the store and have it delivered to your home. 

The cost of the consultation is AED 400 paid in advance and fully redeemable back in products.

Say goodbye to skincare that no longer suits you and target your skincare for visible results.