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Treatments, Serums & Oils - Hair

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K18 Leave In Molecular Repair Hair MaskK18 Leave In Repair Mask Benefits
K18 Leave-In Repair Mask, 50ml
Sale priceAED 263.00
Olaplex No 0 Intensive Bond Hair TreatOlaplex No 0 Intensive Bond Treatment
Sold outOlaplex No 8 Bond Intense Moisture MaskOlaplex No 8 Moisture Mask Benefits
Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask Strong HairRahua Omega 9 Hair Mask Soft Shine
Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask, 120ml
Sale priceAED 390.00
SAVE 20%Olaplex No 6 Bond Smoother Leave inOlaplex No 6 Bond Smoother Ingredeints
Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother, 100ml
Sale priceAED 96.00 Regular priceAED 120.00
Rahua Pure Elixir Hair MoistureRahua Pure Elixir Natural High Shine
Rahua Pure Elixir, 30ml
Sale priceAED 1,240.00
Rahua Leave In Hair TreatmentRahua Leave In Hair Treatment Texture
Rahua Leave In Hair Treatment, 60ml
Sale priceAED 305.00
Kérastase Anti-Brass Blond Masque Ultra-Violet for Blonde Hair - 250mlBlond Absolu Masque Blonde Hair
Kerastase Nectar Thermique Leave inNutritive Nectar Thermique Cream Leavein
K18 Leave In Repair Hair Mask MiniLeave In Repair Hair Mask Mini Pack
K18 Leave-In Repair Mask, 5ml
Sale priceAED 40.00
Peptide Maintenance ShampooK18 Maintenance Shampoo Texture
K18 Peptide ShampooPeptide Prep Detox Shampoo
K18 Peptide Prep - Detox Shampoo, 250ml
Sale priceAED 168.00
Sold outK18 Detox Shampoo Hair MaskDetox Shampoo Benefits
K18 Detox Shampoo + K18 Hair Mask Duo, 250 +50ml
Sale priceAED 430.00
Sold outMaintenance Shampoo with Hair MaskK18 Hair Mask Usage
K18 Detox Shampoo Hair MaskK18 Hair Mask Mini Pack
Maintenance Shampoo Hair Mask MiniK18 Hair Mask Benefits
K18 Leave-In Repair Mask, 15mlK18 Leave In Repair Mask Benefit
K18 Leave-In Repair Mask, 15ml
Sale priceAED 115.00
Detox Shampoo Hair MaskDetox Shampoo Benefits
Maintenance Shampoo  Hair MaskK18 Hair Mask Usage