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K18 Leave-In Repair Mask, 5ml

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Cruelty Free


K-18 Leave-In Repair Mask clinically reverses damage in 4 minutes.

Creates hair that feels like new through this innovative leave-in treatment mask. 

The patented peptide technology works to repair damage from bleach, color, chemical services & heat restoring strength, softness, smoothness, and bounce to hair.

Traveling deeper into the inner layers of hair than traditional repair products, K18 revolutionary patented K18Peptide™ is just the right size and makeup to fit in and reconnect broken keratin chains, renewing hair with strength, softness, smoothness, and bounce. You can feel and see the difference with the first use.


Works on all hair types, especially damaged, bleached, coloured and heat styled hair. 


Damaged hair – reconnects both polypeptide chains (and as a result, also reconnects disulfide bonds) for strength along the length + width of the hair - offering comprehensive, lasting damage repair

Extreme damage - by working at the innermost layer of the hair, core strength and elasticity are renewed for strong, smooth, bouncy hair 

All hair, especially damaged, bleached, coloured and heat styled hair.