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Stressed and Barrier Repair

When we are stressed it can often show on our face.

Excess cortisol can weaken your skin’s protective barrier, leaving it vulnerable to irritability and inflammation.  

Similarly the rise in over exfoliation, the use of scrubs or introducing retinol can have the same effects.  

Here are a few exceptional products to rescue your skin back into glowing health. 

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Votary Super Seed SerumVotary Super Seed Serum Benefits
Zelens Power D FortifyingZelens Power D Restoring
Zelens Provitamin D3 MistZelens Provitamin D3 Benefits
Zelens Provitamin D3 - Fortifying Mist, 50ml
Sale priceAED 260.00
Alpha-H Vitamin B Serum with Niacinamide, 25mlAlpha-H Vitamin B Serum with Niacinamide, 25ml
Alpha-H Vitamin B Serum with Niacinamide, 25ml
Sale priceAED 225.00
Votary Super Seed Nutrient Cream - Fragrance Free, 50mlSuper Seed Nutrient Cream Benefits
Votary Nutrient Light - Super Seed and Phytoceramides, 50mlNutrient cream Light benefits
BEST SELLERZelens Emulsion D MoisturiserZelens Emulsion D Benefits
Zelens Emulsion D Fortifying Moisturiser, 50ml
Sale priceAED 325.00
Zelens Microbiota P3 MistZelens Microbiota P3 Benefits
Zelens Microbiota P3 - Balancing Mist, 50ml
Sale priceAED 260.00
Zelens Advanced Repair SerumZelens Advanced Serum Benefits
Zelens Advanced Repair Serum, 30ml
Sale priceAED 530.00
Best SellerVotary Cleansing Oil Rose GeraniumRose Geranium & Apricot benefits
Zelens Power E MoisturisingZelens Power E Moisturising Benefits
Zelens Power D Travel Zelens Power D Benefits
Advanced Repair SerumZelens Melatonin B12 Benefits
Zelens Z-22 Ultimate FaceZelens Z 22 Ultimate Face Soft Oil
Zelens Z-22 Ultimate Face Oil
Sale priceAED 350.00
Votary Super Seed Facial OilSuper Seed Face Oil Benefits
La Roche Posay Cica Plast Soothing BalmLa Roche Cica Plast Baume B5 texture
Zelens Power E Travel Zelens Power E Benefits
Zelens Omega Shiso ReplenishingZelens Omega Shiso Benefits
Zelens Omega Shiso Replenishing Serum, 30ml
Sale priceAED 380.00