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Zelens Microbiota P3 - Balancing Mist, 50ml

Sale priceAED 260.00

Clinically Proven

Cruelty Free


Rich in Antioxidants

Powerful Botanicals

Plastic Surgeon Formulated

Made in Italy

Suitable for Pregnancy

No Parabens, No SLS, No Silicone, No Sulphate, No Fragrance

Boasting a potent blend of biotics, peptides and fermented botanicals to swiftly balance and restore skin to its peak health.

This facial mist is a 21st century toner formulated with pre, pro and postbiotics and infused with peptides. (Peptides are everything when it comes to collagen building)

This multi-benefical facial mist. Fortified with a potent peptide (collagen inducing) and a blend of fermented botanicals, this soothing mist helps to protect the skin’s microbiome, supports skin's natural defences and improves radiance.

Skin appears visibly refreshed, supple and healthy-looking. Your serums that follow will be super charged onto hydrated skin.

“This soothing mist helps protect the skin’s microbiome balance, while refreshing the skin and providing an instant radiance.” – Dr. Marko Lens


All skins, but particularly beneficial for skins suffering dehydration. 

80% of skins suffer dehydration. This is an essential when spending a lot of time in air conditioning and your skin is acting out. 


- Provides light layers of deep hydration with a small molecular weight 

- Facilitates other ingredients, allowing them to penetrate deeper into the skin

- Provides a boost of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics to protect the skin’s microbiome balance

- Supports the skin’s natural defences against bacteria and enviornmental stressors. 

- Helps moisturise, soothe and refresh skin throughout the day