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Zelens Provitamin D3 - Fortifying Mist, 50ml

Created by Dr. Marko Lens, a world-renowned authority in the field of skin ageing. Zelens offers high performance skincare based on scientific evidence and active ingredients with clinical proven efficacy.

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Plastic Surgeon Formulated


Cruelty Free

Made in Italy

No Parabens, No SLS, No Silicone, No Sulphate, No Fragrance

A fortifying mist that repairs, strengthens and calms the skin barrier for a healthy looking complexion. 

This ultra-fine facial mist is perfect for improving skin barrier function with pro Vitamin D3 helping to protect from external aggressors and stress that plague compromised skin barriers. 

''I recommend this mist to all my clients who have upset or angry skin. Clients who have perhaps overused actives in their previous skincare routine or have very dry, sensitive skin.

I also prescribe this mist post clinic procedures such as chemical peels or micro-needling. It really helps to repair and fortify the skin barrier back to health with all the benefits of the procedure taking place.'' - Claire, The Skincare Edit - Founder. 



- Sensitive, dry skins 

- Stressed skins 

- Compromised Skin barriers 


- Enhances skin barrier function

- Helps protect from environmental aggressors

- Supports the skin’s natural recovery


Dry skin types.  Compromised skin barriers