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Zelens Advanced Repair Serum, 30ml

Sale priceAED 530.00

Cruelty Free


A restorative, highly scientific and clinically proven advanced serum to maximise the skins natural repair process to unveil smoother more radiant skin

Based on the science of synchronisation of the cellular circadian rhythm and supercharged with melatonin and vitamin B12 this powerful blend of scientific and botanical ingredients work together to repair and renew the skin. 

A silky, moisturising serum containing Acetyl Tetrapeptide-2, a peptide composed of 4 amino acids which enhances our genes function that is involved in the organisation of elastic fibres and dermal cohesion. Whilst melatonin, a wonder ingredient that we are seeing a lot more of, plays an important role in the process of skin repair and demonstrates excellent antioxidant activity and provides anti-inflammatory support.   B12 plays an important part in the energy production for our cells making everything perform better. 


- Fatigued skins in need of restoration 

- Advanced photoaging

- DNA Repair

- Fine lines and wrinkles


- Helps maximise the skin’s natural repair

- Reduces visible signs of skin ageing, tiredness and stress

- Reinforces the skin’s protective barrier


All skin types. Ages 25+


You have a busy lifestyle that impacts your skin, or have advanced signs of aging.  Perfect as an alternative to your vitamin c and retinols, or in addition to.