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Votary Body Treatment Oil Macadamia Votary Body Treatment Oil Texture
Save AED 4.00Altruist Dry Skin Repair CreamDry Skin Repair Cream Benefits
NEWSave AED 140.00Verden Arborealist Bath Oil Smoky GreensArborealist Bath Oil all
Verden Arborealist Bath Oil, all natural fragrance, 100ml
Sale priceAED 280.00 Regular priceAED 420.00
NEWSave AED 140.00Verden D Orangerie Bath OilVerden D'Orangerie Bath Oil Self
Verden D'Orangerie Bath Oil, 100ml
Sale priceAED 280.00 Regular priceAED 420.00
SAVE 50%On saleOlive Natural Soap Bar with GrapefruitOlive Natural Soap Bar Benefits
Natural Soap Bar, Olive Organic Natural Soap, 100g
Sale priceAED 27.50 Regular priceAED 55.00
SAVE 50%Save AED 40.00Olive Natural Pomegranate Body LotionPomegranate Body Lotion rose and Olive
Olive Natural Pomegranate Body Lotion, 200ml
Sale priceAED 40.00 Regular priceAED 80.00
Altruist Moisturising Fluid with HyyaluronicAltruist Moisturising Fluid Texture
SAVE 50%Save AED 27.50Olive Smoothing Body Scrub NourishingOlive Smoothing Body Scrub Moisturising
Olive Smoothing Body Scrub, 200g
Sale priceAED 27.50 Regular priceAED 55.00
NEWSave AED 140.00Verden Herbanum Bath Oil Fresh HerbsVerden Herbanum Bath Oil
Verden Herbanum Bath Oil, 100ml
Sale priceAED 280.00 Regular priceAED 420.00
Votary Antidote Night OilVotary Antidote Night Oil Texture
Buub Classic Body Tape  NudeClassic Body Tape Nude Look
Buub Classic Body Tape, A-C cup size
Sale priceAED 90.00
Buub Maxi Body Tape NudeMaxi Body Tape Nude Looks
Buub Maxi Body Tape, D+ cup size
Sale priceAED 110.00
Fabric Nipple Adhesive Covers NudeFabric Nipple Adhesive Covers Tan
Buub Fabric Nipple Adhesive Covers, Pack of 5
Sale priceAED 50.00
Buub Styling Strips Buub Styling Strips Looks
Buub Styling Strips, 50 strips
Sale priceAED 55.00
Altruist Dermatologist Moisturising Body Lotion 6% Urea, 200mlAltruist Dermatologist Moisturising Body Lotion 6% Urea, 200ml
SAVE 50%Save AED 37.50Olive Moisturising Body Milk with HoneyOlive Moisturising Body Milk with Fig
Olive Moisturising Body Milk
Sale priceAED 37.50 Regular priceAED 75.00
Verden Arborealist Hand and Body BalmArborealist Hand and Body Balm
Verden Herbanum Hand and Body BalmHerbanum Hand And Body Balm Natural
SAVE 50%On saleOlive Baby Moisture Milk with Apricot OilOlive Baby Moisture Milk with Nappy cream
Olive Baby Moisture Milk, 200ml
Sale priceAED 50.00 Regular priceAED 100.00
NEWFREE HAMPERVerden D'Orangerie HamperVerden D'Orangerie Hamper
Verden D'Orangerie Hamper
Sale priceAED 1,170.00
NEWFREE HAMPERVerden Arborealist HamperVerden Arborealist Hamper
Verden Arborealist Hamper
Sale priceAED 1,170.00