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K18 Professional Molecular Repair Hair Mist, 30ml

Clinically proven hair repair. Packed with a plethora of beneficial ingredients, namely their uniquely patented K18Peptide™

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Clinically Proven


Cruelty Free


Made in USA

No Parabens, Sulfates, Silicones, Phthalates, Sodium Chloride, Artificial colors or Formaldehyde.

Made to be used as part of the K18REPAIR™ service (K18 PRO mist + K18 PRO mask)

This leave-in, lightweight mist repairs existing damage to strengthen hair’s defenses and make it more resilient prior to salon services.

This PRO-exclusive product helps services apply and perform better, leaves hair healthier, and color lasts longer. Works in just 4 minutes in a convenient spray-on format.

Takes damage repair further – biomimetic peptide seamlessly fits in and reconnects broken polypeptide chains at the molecular level. As a result, disulfide bonds are also reconnected for reinforced strength along the length + width of hair—offering comprehensive, lasting repair.

Renews hair for better in-salon results - restores chemically damaged hair and makes hair more resilient for optimal salon transformations. Use before services for a stronger foundation and to help prevent damage during services.

Resets hair’s strength and elasticity – allowing you to push transformations further with confidence.

Works on all hair types – because K18PEPTIDE™ works on a molecular level (where all hair is the same), this product is effective on all hair types.

key benefits

  • Fortifies hair pre-service to restore up to 99% elasticity*
  • Improves hair’s resilience to prevent damage during and after services* for stronger hair over time*
  • Color lasts longer + fades slower* when paired with K18 mask usage at home
  • pH level 7.5-8.0 makes the treatment more efficient by swelling the hair’s cuticle, allowing the K18PEPTIDE™ to better access the core
  • Made without emollients, the PRO mist won’t interfere with chemical and color services