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DROWSY Silk Sleep Mask - Green Sapphire

Sale priceAED 315.00

Cruelty Free


Experience glorious sleep with the ultimate sleep mask

“This sleep mask is like someone is hugging
your face, I cannot describe how amazing it is.” Vogue Williams

Sleeping in darkness is the secret to healthy sleep. It helps regulate your body's natural cycles. And permits total relaxation for the mind and eyes. This game changing mask blocks sleep-interrupting light and pillows your eyes with the purest, padded silk. 


- Stays on all night

- Cloud-padding

- Fully adjustable wrap-around head strap 

- 22 Momme, Drowsy silk

- True blackout

- Protects skins from creasing

- Hair protecting

- 100% washable 

Masterfully crafted by Drowsy for maximum comfy vibes. Wear this luxury silk mask for an uninterrupted beauty sleep every night. Provides the ultimate escape for weary eyes.