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Ross J. Barr Healing Patches, 5 patches

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Healing Patches are a convenient, effective and natural way to ease everyday aches and pains as well as those associated with painful menstrual cycles.

For mild aches and pains, muscle soreness, sports injuries, and support pain associated with menstruation.

Developed by Ross J. Barr, who is regarded as one of the UK'S leading and trusted acupuncture specialists.


Created for women, these patches have proven to be highly effective during painful and uncomfortable monthly cycles. But the benefits are not limited to menstruating women. Designed to help ease inflammation and muscular skeletal problems, these small and discreet healing patches are hugely beneficial for everyone - reducing every day muscle soreness and aches and pains by moving blood and Qi stagnation to promote healing.

The patches include Safflower and Clove to promote blood flow, Cinnamon for its antibacterial properties and Borneol known for alleviating pain and inflammation.

Made with natural herbal ingredients, with formulas harnessed by Ross over many years.


Directions: Suitable for Adults and Children above 12 years of age. Apply to the areas of tension and pain as needed. Clean and dry the affected area. Remove the plastic backing from one side of the patch. Smooth that side over the area you want pain relief. As you remove the other half of the plastic backing, smooth the remainder of the patch over the area of pain. Please remove the patch no later than 6 hours after applying. Do not use more than 3 times daily for 7 days. Children under 12 years of age, consult a doctor. Each pack contains 5 patches. Single use only.

Use these healing patches as directed. This product is for external use only. Not suitable for use during pregnancy or if breastfeeding. When using please ensure that you avoid contact with the eyes and nose. Use this product only as directed. Do not use on damaged or broken skin. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients or suffer with skin sensitivity it is recommended that you consult a physician in advance of use. Do not use this product concurrently with a heating pad. Remove the patch at least one hour prior to bathing and do not use immediately after bathing.


Safflower, Eucommia, Cinnamon, Sorghum Bicolor Extract, Clove, Menthol, Borneol, Camphor and Capsicum Extract.

Created by wellness and Fertility expert Ross J. Barr (BSc Hons, MBAcC) who is a registered acupuncturist, but more widely is celebrated as one of the leading health and wellness experts.

He specialities in areas from women’s health, fertility to stress management to become known as one of the foremost practitioners in his field.

In 2020 Ross took all his in clinic and patient knowledge to launch a range of supplements and patches, a range dedicated to supporting the everyday health and wellness of men and women beyond the treatment room.

Inspired by natural remedies, and in the case of the supplements, made from food state ingredients, the ever–expanding line-up promotes optimised health across various categories such as immunity and fertility, as well as overall healing, sleep and calmness.

Created by renowned fertility and wellness expert Ross J. Barr.

Ross J. Barr Supplements are a new range of 100% natural, food state supplements for maximum bio availability and effectiveness.

Using the best ingredient sourcing - founded on science in combination with 15 years treating and tracking patient experiences in clinic. Ross knows what it takes to the body into maximum health and fertility. His wellness patches and supplements take a holistic view of the whole body and mind.

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Customer Reviews

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Carly L - Verified Review

My boyfriend initially bought these for me and I am just about to purchase more. I was cynical - But THEY WORK. Thank you!! Hoping for next day delivery.

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