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Step 1 – Super Seed Cleansing Oil

Put 2 to 3 pumps of oil into the palm of your hand. Spread between your palms and then apply to your face. Start with your cheeks, then your nose, mouth and jawline and finally the area around your eyes. Splash your face with warm water and continue to massage the oil into your face and eyelashes. Now here’s the absolutely crucial part. Take a clean flannel. Soak it in hand-hot water, wring it out, and put it over your face. Breathe in and allow the steam to penetrate your pores.

Step 2 – Super Seed Serum

Take one pump of Super Seed Serum and press into skin until fully absorbed.

Step 3 – Super Seed Facial Oil 

Put four to five drops onto your palms. Now smooth the oil onto your face and neckline using gentle upward motions. Use your fingertips to gently pat the oil into the area around your eyes. Be gentle with your skin – don’t pull or stretch – so that it retains its elasticity.

Step 4 – Super Seed Nutrient Cream

Simply massage into your skin, bring down your neck and décolletage.

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