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Skincare routines are the number one subject I speak about with clients. 

Ultimately, your day-to-day routine is what's going to deliver you consistent, long term, results more than any facial or treatment on the market.  I say that earning my money from facials, not products. 

I review a clients routine at every appointment.  At the end of the day clients are paying not just for my hands and equipment but my expertise and experience of reviewing thousands of skins and knowing what works. We review and at times, tweak, but every dollar spent on your routine should be working for you.

But - with so many products on the market it’s not surprising many of us are completely overwhelmed and make the wrong choices unknowingly. 

With it being the no.1 subject - I’m super excited to talk about how you craft a morning skincare routine that works  - both for your skin and your lifestyle!  With consistency being key, the best routine is the one you’ll stick to and see results from. 

For most of us it’s a time of the day when we need our routines to be quick + easy, and yet we can ask quite a lot from our morning ritual. 

The priorities for mornings are to protect and hydrate, at the same time wouldn’t it be nice it we kept blackheads at bay, calm blemishes, improve skin tone, or sensitivity. Maintain a radiance all day long!  

So how do we go about crafting a quick multi-tasking routine that really makes a difference. The word is ‘multi-tasking’ and you need this in your products. It’s just one reason, of many, I’m not a fan of single-ingredient formulas overall.  But, before I digress.. 


Ask yourself ‘What’s your number one concern?’  

In discovering this you can select products that make the cut and will deliver for you.  

Very few people have ‘normal’ skin. And most of us have multiple issues.. Pigment, dehydration, spots, too dry - oily, sensitive, rosacea skins..  

When faced with multiple issues - prioritise your issues with anything that is likely to cause long term damage i.e. rosacea or acne.  Any inflammation will exacerbate other issues and these should be considered forefront in your product decisions.

As a quick guide, prioritise in this order: 

A. Sensitivity / Rosacea / Dermatitis

B. Acne 

C. Dehydration 

D. Ageing 

E. Pigmentation 

If you have no concern, lucky you, focus on prevention i.e antioxidants.

Pigmentation, look to address the other issues first. Sensitivity - you must always consider this first.  And so on..

Next, let’s look at four planning categories.  This ensures balance and harmony in your routine. 

Often I find clients with routines that are focused in only one category, more often the activate category and this can create issues. 

The FOUR categories: 

  • Cleanse
  • Activate 
  • Hydrate 
  • Protect 
  1. Morning Cleanse - a single quick cleanse to remove sweat, dead skin and prepare your skin for the products they are to receive.   My preference for mornings is a gel or cream formula that are easy to remove. The important bit is that your cleanser should not deplete your moisture levels or barrier function. So nothing that foams or is active, with the exception being if you’re really oily (teenagers) and some males (thicker skin, typically using less actives)
  1. Activate + Perfect - this is where you can use ingredients and products to address specific concerns i.e. redness, hormonal spots, ageing.  Products are wide ranging and can include exfoliants, serums, oils, masks and moisturisers.  This category is optional.  If you have no concern you want to address the basics can be great: Cleanse, Hydrate, Protect!  Once you have perfected your essentials, you can always re-consider adding a product or two to perfect your skin.  
  1. Hydration - super important for all skins types - including oily!  Throughout the day we all suffer water loss, especially in air conditioned environments. It is the most prominent skin condition I see here in the Middle East. Hydrating mists, serums, moisturisers and even sun creams can all help support hydration. 
  1. Protect - Anti-oxidants and sun screen. Sun cream REALLY is to be used everyday of the year and finding one that works for your skin is a must.  They can even double up as a primer. UV Rays come through office and car windows and with the rate of skin cancer increasing year on year it’s not just a smart skin health decision, it’s the best thing you can do to prevent advanced ageing.  
Antioxidants should feature in all routines for all ages in my option - with the premise of prevention first they also come under the category of Protect.  Some sunscreens come with antioxidants built-in, they can also be found in mists, vitamins B, C & E and concentrated antioxidant defence serums that often offer added hydration. So an easy and valuable one to incorporate. 

Use the above FOUR categories to help craft your morning routine and tick off each category - Now you have balance to your routine! 


A quick word on layering.. People get caught up with layering but it’s really not the most important factor. If you get your eye cream and serum the wrong way round no bother. The most important thing to note is cleanse first, sun protection last. 

To cover all bases whether you have 3 products or 6 in your routine.  Here is a quick guide.  

  1. Cleanse 
  2. Exfoliation Toner / Tonic
  3. Hydrating Mist 
  4. Eye Cream 
  5. Serum / Oil
  6. Moisturiser 
  7. Sun Cream

I hope this guide has helped you. It’s quite a bit to consider, but giving your morning skincare routine a little thought will set your skin up for long term success. Preventing you wasting your time and money on the wrong products, treatments and ultimately preventing costly mistakes and damage with the wrong products for you!

Written By: Claire - Founder of The Skincare Edit - Arabia 

Facialist and Skincare Consultant 

Advanced Skin Science & Advanced Skin Assessment - British and International Cosmetology Certified. 


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