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Article: New Year - New Plan!

New Year - New Plan!

New Year - New Plan!

A blog post. 

With each New Year brings with it a new opportunity for a fresh start.

I feel this is the year to truly LIVE the healthy life!   To nourish Skin, Body and Mind. 

I called the blog ‘’New Year - New Plan’’ as in the words of Benjamin Franklin for success you need a good plan! 

I’m not talking dry January, or post-Christmas detox but long term sustainable well-being. 

To sleep better, be engaged and present in the moment, energised and most importantly happy! 

This past year in creating our own Skincare Edit and with the help of incredible nutritional experts I discovered supplements that can actually (after dipping in and out of them over the years!) truly change how we sleep, feel and look.  Bio-available forms, created with ultimate potency for their targeted concern, all science-led and made from the most ethical well sourced ingredients.   No fillers, No GMO, No gummies! 

These have been a true blessing and one I am whole heartedly taking into the New Year with an intention to take them, all 3 or 4 with regular consistency everyday. 

Before we get onto other good intended habits..  I should plan for what I’m relegating to 2021.  

Top of the list..  To stop using myself as a human skincare experiment.  Occupational hazard perhaps, but this 2022 I’m putting myself first and giving myself the advice I give to others.  Why do we often treat others with better care than we do ourselves - a lesson I learnt in 2021 is to help others first we must take care for ourselves.  I think I was late to the party on this. 

As a hugely acne prone adult I am lucky enough to have been taught, have the experience and knowledge to go mostly 365 days a year spot free. I say mostly as not even I can avoid the monster spot under the skin that reminds me hormones are the boss.   

Back to 2022!

I’m planning to start living more in the present - starting with this book that has sat in my Audible app for longer than I can remember.  If you have any other book recommendations on this note I would love to hear them. 

Another plan I have is to give myself more facials - clients say to me often ‘’if I was you I would do this to myself all the time’’   Well on that note it's my new intention. 

Approaching 40 years my collagen was and is starting to nose dive.  Supplements have done so much and I thank my lucky stars I discovered those that make a real visible difference, but on the surface I’m going with weekly micro-needling - because it works and I need all the help a girl can get. 

This year I was fortunate to have hunted down Olivere Wilson after discarding so many micro-needling rollers for not meeting the high quality we promised. 

Ending with another success from 2021 that I’m taking with me with more consistency, my little ''night time ritual..'' Who knew a pillow spray could transform my bedroom into a spa haven and aid me to sleep. Admittedly a luxurious item to have, it reminds at the end of each day - I work hard and I deserve a little luxury. Thank you Votary!  

What are your 2022 goals?? 

Whatever they are I wish you a very happy new year and luck with each and everyone. 


Claire x

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