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Article: Ramadan Skincare: Everything you need to know for maintaining the glow.

Moon of Ramadan UAE Skincare

Ramadan Skincare: Everything you need to know for maintaining the glow.

The ninth month of the Islamic calendar is here, so we are delving into the challenges and opportunities of fasting on our skin and body.  Whether it be fasting during the holy month Ramadan or as part of a wellness cleanse.

A lot of what we read from beauty typically equates fasting with fatigue, dehydration, and stressed skin.

But we also know the opposite can be true.  It was a Japanese Scientist, Yoshinori Ohsumi, who was awarded the Nobel prize in 2016 when he proved fasting cells spark a rejuvenation process. This process, called autophagy, is the body's way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to generate newer, healthier cells.  

Fasting also has other ways of keeping us looking younger for longer! The regulation of our blood sugar levels that occurs when fasting happens decreases the process of glycation; glycation being the degradation of our collagen and elastin fibers through sugar molecules adhering to our collagen.  In reality, face drop and poor laxity.

With these win-win benefits of fasting, what are the challenges?

Disturbed sleep and not drinking throughout the day can impact body and skin, especially the outer most dermis as the body directs hydration to our most vital organs.

Dehydrated skin, a common skin condition the whole year through which can lead to dullness, irritation and acne breakouts.  

Not just fasting but seasonal changes, mask irritation of recent times and over-doing active skincare ingredients can all effect skin’s hydration and compromise skin barriers. 

But a few tweaks and you can avoid the look of a prune and quench your skin’s thirst to achieve plump, smooth, glowing skin all day through.  See our top 5 easy hydration hacks.

Hydration Hack #1   Gentle Cleansing

The simple fact is cleansing depletes our skin’s essential barrier, particularly important to note now more than ever, so the trick is to keep it simple and uncomplicated.

Allow cleansing to remove things from the skin that shouldn't be there such as pollution, dirt and grime, make-up and spf whilst protecting your skin barrier and not asking too much of your cleanser.  

Say No to soap (too alkaline) No to perfume (risk of irritation and allergy) And No to active cleansers (unless you’re super oily - then salicylic acid is useful)   Instead look for an oil, cream or gel cleanser that does not foam or bubble and with this you’ve achieved an important vital step.

Hydration Hack #2   Mist or Spritz

Gone are the days of traditional toners! 21st century mists are all the rage with good reason.  

Think of these as liquid moisturises and they key to deep and long-lasting hydration.

Spritiz after cleansing and layer in between EVERY step of your routine.  You can never mist too much so enjoy and see the results. 

Hydration Hack #3 Serums / Oils

Apply a hyaluronic acid based serum, ideally multi-molecular in size. Hyaluronic acid is a lipid that holds and retains water.

If this isn’t enough, introducing a facial oil can transform dehydrated/ dry skins into glowing, strong, healthy skin.   

Oils are feared as having the potential to cause breakouts - but choose the right non-comedogenic oil and this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Oils can give you the best skin of your life restoring vitality and glow.

Hydration Hack #4 Masks & Lips

Pulling pack on daily exfoliation and more active ingredients is a wise move when fasting and skin is feeling dehydrated.

Instead opt for a multi-functional overnight face mask, to be used once or twice weekly.  Opt for ones that deeply hydrate and nourish alongside exfoliating enzymes that can gently buff away dead skin.

It’s important to note that dehydrated skin cannot renew and eliminate old skin cells properly, as water dependent exfoliating enzymes lacking in water cannot work. So occasional exfoliation is important.

Don’t overlook your lips, which can become particularly dry during fasting. 

There is nothing better than layering our favorite Laneige overnight lip mask with our all natural Lük Lip Nourish to lock in moisture and repair lips from dryness.

Hydration Hack #5 Moisturise  

Moisturising is an essential step, even for oily skins.  As we go about our daily activities water is constantly evaporating away from the surface of our skin.

Moisturising helps keep water and your skincare locked in for all day hydration.

Look for moisturisers with occlusives, as these form a water-impermeable layer and act as a sealant to stop water from evaporating away.  Think shea butter and squalane.

While emollients soften and smooth the skin and make everything look better. 

Great moisturisers often include barrier-repairing ingredients that can undo some of the damage helping to restore and fortify the skin allowing it to retain more water. I’m thinking Zelens 3t and Zelens Emulsion D. Superior formulations suited to drier and oilier skins. 

Want to go the extra mile for your skin during this time of self-reflection and improvement.. 

Super Facialist Julie Lemke from Bio Health Clinic suggests for extra glow adding gua-sha tools to your beauty routine or simply use your hands for facial massage. ''This promotes microcirculation, which stimulates and feeds our skin with fresh oxygen and nutrients on a cellular level. Helping skin to repair, heal and regenerate itself.'' 

If you are looking to boost your hydration levels this Ramadan you can find all our expertly picked products for Dehydrated skin here!

Wishing you Ramadan Kareem to you and your family  x

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