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Collagen - the protein of youth.  

When we talk fine lines, wrinkles and skin folds we are talking collagen!  It keeps our skin thick and juicy.  Keep our collagen factory going and we delay the visible signs of ageing. 

Simple, well..?

With hundreds of collagen supplements on the market, in powders, capsules, drinks and gummies, from marine, bovine and vegan sources its not surprising people get confused. 

Add into the mix the question, can taking collagen orally, actually make a difference? 

Here to take the marketing out of it and focus on the science of collagen and collagen supplements.

Starting with the most common question, what is collagen? 

Collagen is most abundant type of protein in our body.  There are 16 types of collagen found in the body within our skin, muscles, blood vessels and other tissues and its main function is to impart strength and structure. 

Why consider taking a collagen supplement? 

From around the age of 25, collagen content within our body starts to deplete by a rate of around 1.5% a year so that by the time we reach our mid-40’s, collagen levels have decreased by an incredible 30%. 

Then for women the menopause comes and collagen stores dramatically drop.  

What type of collagen should I take for it to be effective? 

For collagen to be absorbed by our body you need to ensure you are purchasing ''hydrolysed collagen peptides''

The word bio-available means little without clinical evidence and all the evidence shows Collagen whether it be from Marine or Bovine sources is too large to be absorbed.  So ensuring you are buying hydrolysed peptides, a  process where the amino acid chains have been broken down into smaller chains which makes it possible for the body to absorb and use is crucial. 

The amount of collagen in your supplement is also important, you want to aim to be taking at least 5,000mg a day. 

What do the clinical studies state?

A number of studies over a period of three months showed that taking collagen, more specifically hydrolysed collagen peptides, produced a significant improvement in skin elasticity and firmness starting from the fourth week. A separate study found that taking collagen alongside other antioxidant ingredients, think vitamin C & Coenzyme Q10, significantly increased skin's elasticity, hydration and smoothness.

What time of day should I take my collagen? 

There is no evidence that suggests what time of day you take your collagen makes a difference.  However, it is makes sense to take your collagen supplements on an empty stomach for best results, as excess stomach acid can harm absorption. 

Collagen with Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is the bodies own natural way in which it manufacturers collagen.  Therefore you often read that collagen should be taken with vitamin C to maximise its benefits and this is true.  

Whether you take Vitamin C as part of your collagen or separately in certainly can help your body put that collagen to optimal use. 

Actually, both Vitamin C + Zinc both play an important role in skin health and anti ageing. Both of these ingredients can be found in JSHEALTH’s award-winning Skin + Digestion formula. 

Is it worth taking collagen? 

There are clear benefits to skin and other structures and for many people taking collagen has become an integral part of their wellbeing and skincare routine. 

If you intend to take collagen for skin or health, make sure it is hydrolysed peptides due to their smaller molecular structure ensuring absorption and utilisation within the body. 

Collagen Pantry Range uses VERISOL® a clinically proven, patented hydrolysed collagen peptide, which is proven to stimulate and increase the fibroblast cells in the dermal layer of the skin that increases and retains more collagen within the skin. 

For those looking for a vegan-friendly, collagen-boosting formula should try JSHEALTH Vegan Collagen Powder. The formula uses plant-derived extracts that has been shown to boost collagen production in the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin.


Written for: The Skincare Edit, HEALTH & WELLBEING by Visiting Experts. 


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SUHA HAMID August 06, 2022

Read this, did my own research and then looked at my Collagen.. And having never felt any different now I know why. The Marine Collagen I was taking is not Hydrolysed Peptides and struggles to mix in my water or coffee. Hence making it useless. It is also made from fish scales which I hear isn’t ideal. I am going to switch! Thanks.

Julie May 24, 2022

Hello 👋
Just want to say thanks for brief and clear explanation, am actually want to start taking but since am nursing am stake there is there any suggestions you have pls send me
And am actually 32 years with 3 kids if that is any important
Thank you

Heran May 24, 2022

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