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Article: Healthy Life conversations with Jessica Sepel - From JSHealth Vitamins

Healthy Life conversations with Jessica Sepel - From JSHealth Vitamins
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Healthy Life conversations with Jessica Sepel - From JSHealth Vitamins

From eating disorder to founder of JSHealth wellness empire. We caught up with Jess to discuss her own daily rituals, what inspired her create her own vitamins range and how we can become the healthiest version of ourselves. 

Jessica Sepel JSHealth

Clinical Nutritionist &

Best-Selling Health Author

What does your morning routine look like?

I love my morning routine - as it ensures I’m set up for a wonderful, positive day. It took me some time to perfect but now I can’t go a day without it! 

I first begin with meditation and workout - 20 minutes is truly all you need! I sit on my balcony to do some manifestation, breathe in good energy and push away the bad energy and situations that no longer serve me. I visualise my highest self, at her healthiest and happiest. A must-have every morning for me is of course coffee! A strong oat cappuccino is my go-to and only one cup before 11am. And then it’s time for a cold shower - my gran taught me this from a young age, it stimulates blood flow and clears the energy.

I also make it non-negotiable to keep my social media apps off my phone (I actually delete them the night before, it takes literally 2 minutes!). When I arrive at work for the day I feel energised and ready for a great day.

 Jessica Sepel Meditating

How about at the end of the day? Do you have an evening wind-down ritual? 

Yes, absolutely. What we do in the lead-up to bedtime directly impacts the quality of our sleep, which is so essential for overall health. No matter how many good foods you eat, if your body isn’t rested, it’s simply not going to perform at its best. Here are a few things I do every night before bed:

– Switch off social media: I make it a habit to check social media in chunks throughout the day and delete my apps after I’ve finished work. Carrying your phone around and constantly replying to messages and comments only heightens your cortisol and doesn’t allow your body the time to rest

– Create space for relaxation: Often, I’ll light some candles, make myself a cup of herbal tea, have a bath or read a few pages of my favourite book. These activities help my body to decompress, which signals time for bed

– Prepare for sleep: I find that putting my legs up against the wall for 10 minutes helps my body to enter the rest and digest state. When you’re in a calm mood, it’s so much easier to sleep soundly.

Overall - what are your top 3 wellness tips?

– Prioritise balanced nutrition and mindful eating

– Committing to self-love and body love: prioritising yourself and health. 

– Giving up quick fads and instant ‘fixes’ 


Tell us what led you to launch JS Health Vitamins?

JSHealth was born out of my pure passion for vitamins, which I’ve had from a young age. I actually worked at a pharmacy part time during my schooling years and would stroll the aisles reading all the labels and learning everything I could about different formulas!

Like many women, I was pulled into the difficult cycle of fad dieting during my teen years. You name the diet - I tried it. I ended up being so addicted to the number on the scale - restricting myself and giving my body the bare nutrients to thrive.

Things finally fell into place when I decided to study clinical nutrition and I was encouraged to nurture myself back to health. I started sharing my struggles on a blog (way before being an Influencer was ‘cool’!) Then I began working as a nutritionist with women in clinic everyday. Listening to the community, hearing their struggles and prescribing root-cause protocols was fuelling me with so much passion - so vitamins was the natural next step.

And so, Hair + Energy was born..!



We know you take your own JSHealth supplements everyday - what are you currently taking?

I do believe first that eating nourishing whole foods is the first port of call for consuming vitamins and minerals. But there is a large space for supplementation. Here are my regulars that have me feeling my best:

* Good quality probiotic: This repopulates the good bacteria in the gut, aids digestion, weight control and immune functioning. 

* I am currently taking Detox + Debloat following some time spent in the USA: Rich in Turmeric, Broccoli and Fennel it supports my natural body's detoxification processes. I do switch my supplements up depending on my needs. 

* Fish Oils: for aiding mental health, brain function, heart health, skin health and blood sugar control. 

* PM+ Sleep and Calm: I take 2 hour before bed, it helps calm my mind and helps me have a deep and restful sleep. 

– Vitality X Collagen: inner beauty ingredients along with Marine Hydrolysed Collagen to support skin health and vitality all-in-one.


If you have a big event and you want to look and feel your absolute best - what's your plan?

I do love a good blow-wave before an event! That said, I don’t believe in quick fixes or instant makeovers. My philosophy is much more about balance and holistic health. I believe in taking care of yourself, minimising stress, eating a balanced diet and exercising in ways that you love is the key for feeling your best all year.


When you launched JShealth were you surprised by how quickly it scaled?

I was very fortunate that I had spent years connecting with the community through my blog and online platforms! I have always said that JSHealth is a community not a company, which led to the success of the brand. I think truly listening to our customers, which we still do to this day allows for the products to be formulated in direct response to consumer  needs. Hair + Energy was my first formulation because this is what so many were struggling with!


What advice have you been given that you have always held onto?

My gran Dolly is amazing, she’s 99 and has lived the most extraordinary life and worked so hard. She always says ‘Don’t ever look to your left or your right, just keep looking forward and wake up everyday and appreciate the gift of life and keep working hard.’ I think it’s so true - if you work hard, and are a good person with kindness in your heart - the success and the results will come. So I guess I would just remind my younger self to have faith and be kind, that life is going to be an amazing journey and to just be grateful for each and every day.


When you travel how do you stay consistent with your daily wellness?

When I travel, I aim to keep my morning routine as close to my normal routine as possible. Consistency really is the key to success! I always try to get my 20 minute meditation work outs in, even if that means setting up a towel on the hotel room floor.

I don’t travel anywhere without a silk sleep mask and cosy slippers. Everyone in our office will tell you I wear slippers daily, it really is the best hack to feeling good wherever you go! And of course, our PM+ Sleep formula, which is packed with amazing herbs and vitamins like Lavender to ensure a deep and restful night’s sleep.


Can you recommend a book (other than your own of course!) that has had a positive effect on you?  

I don’t think you can go past ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise L Hay.

This book is one I continue to come back to time and time again, it’s charged with such amazing manifestations, affirmations and mantras. I sometimes even flick to a page intuitively to see any messages that stick out to me! Louise writes with such honesty and clarity that you can really feel the power of her words through the pages. I totally believe that the power of your life is in your hands, so will always hold this book close to my heart. A MUST read.


How do you unwind at the end of a busy day?

I love to go on a night walk with my husband Dean. We love walking by the ocean and breathing in the fresh air, and make it a rule to leave our phones at home so we can really connect with one another and the environment. There is something really magical about the stars being out and the clear sky of a nighttime to really ground you and wash off the energy of the day. It helps us sleep so soundly too, a true gamechanger for the entire week!


Can you explore the JSHealth Range here

Images from: Jessica Sepel and JSHealth Vitamins. 

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