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Article: This Earth Day: “How We’re Tackling Sustainability as a Brand”

This Earth Day: “How We’re Tackling Sustainability as a Brand”

This Earth Day: “How We’re Tackling Sustainability as a Brand”

April 22 is World Earth Day. This day in the annual calendar is intended to spark conversations about our environment and how we look after it, as well as inspire change. With that in mind, today feels like as good a time as any to re-share the steps we are taking at The Skincare Edit to protect our planet. 

Here at The Skincare Edit, sustainability has always been front of mind. From day one, we have also been dedicated to changing the narrative on beauty - not only in terms of consumer confusion and fear marketing, but also in terms of our commitment to sustainability.

Waste within the beauty industry has reached catastrophic proportions and so it is essential that as a brand that prides itself on health and transparency, that we do our part to transform the status quo and promote a more circular, sustainable business model. 

Small steps lead to big changes. While we can't overhaul the entire industry overnight, what we can do is turn our attention inwards. We can focus on what we can do and hopefully inspire others to deliver on our promise to become as clean, green and sustainable a beauty company as possible in the future.  

Our Commitment to Sustainability 

Across every touch point, our dedication to sustainability is front and centre and we are driven each day to bring about more change.

As we look to do more, here is an outline of our ongoing commitment to the environment...  

1. Our Packaging

Since our launch in 2021 we have used locally sourced 100% post consumer boxes, that are fully recyclable. The minimal ink comes from 100% water based colour.  

Our tissue paper is 100% compostable and the ink soy based.

We are part of an eco-alliance where a tree is planted for every packaging order we make.

We vowed to use zero plastics and have kept this promise.

2. Our Brands

Our dedication to curating only the best extends beyond product efficacy and results, we also examine company values, messaging and ethos that contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world.

In essence, our curated skincare collection is an unwavering commitment to quality, integrity, and sustainability, ensuring that every product enhances your skin's health but also cuts down on wastage and discarded products.

 Our brands have some incredible initiatives from solar paneled manufacturing sites, to 1% for the planet donations, compostable wrapping and year on year higher percentages of post-consumer recycled packaging is being used.

3. Our Carbon Footprint 

For better sustainability we needed to look beyond just our products - but also the journey they take to get to us, ensuring the carbon footprint is as little as possible.

This is the whole reason why we don’t support 3 hour local delivery services. It massively increases the carbon footprint of a delivery and in truth we deliver exceptional skincare & wellness products, not baby formula. Next day delivery allows our delivery partners to minimise road miles, reduce emissions and traffic, this is the win for us. 

As individuals and companies we have to make tough decisions and this is one of them. 

4. Our Skin Philospohy

Good skincare is more sustainable.

Here is why..

It’s NOT viral hacks or the latest trend, it doesn’t feature every new release, or product hopping.

It’s thoughtful, considerate of your skin type and concern and above all consistent.  

It’s your edit, for your unique skin, only elevated.

Giving you results, not waste. 

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