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About Us

Nov 20, 2021


Founded by a British and International skin therapist, 

The Skincare Edit brings a professional hand-picked curation of high-performance, award-winning, transformational products to the Middle East. 



The Skincare Edit began on the treatment table of Advanced British facialist, Claire Miller. Claire started designing skincare routines for clients, building routines using selective high performance, result driven skincare products that targeted client concerns. Thrilled by the transformational results and demand of clients, The Skincare Edit was created.  

At The Skincare Edit we are passionate about all things skin. Our philosophy for achieving your best skin is a holistic one that includes your whole body and mind.  We believe in the powers of active and nutrient based ingredients at efficacious and proven percentages that deliver you healthy, beautiful, glowing skin. 

Built from an organic demand to have easy, local access to a holistic range of some of the best skincare, wellness and beauty known globally alongside straight talking expert advice. 




The environment is considered in every decision we make.  Take a read of our sustainability commitments here to see what we have achieved this far and the work we continue. 

All our packaging is made from recycled materials or is biodegradable. All packaging is recyclable. 

The ink we use is vegetable ink and you will see our design is minimal to minimise all environmental impact. 

We buy and ship in bulk from our direct partners to reduce the carbon emission footprint. 


Built on the concept of truth, we believe it's trust and transparency that allows us to help you reach your own perfect skin.  

We will never recommend or sell a product that we do not believe in and our product descriptions are designed to help you find the products that will target your concern and skin type.

We do not follow hype, or commercial trends, only products we know, trust and believe in. 100%


We do not believe in animal testing.  As professionals we welcome and appreciate how far the industry has come to stop animal testing.  But there is a history that cannot be airbrushed.  We believe in full transparency, not marketing claims. This is why each product has it's own information clearly stated on each product page.  


The vast majority of our products are suitable for Vegetarians, and the majority for Vegans.  Some products are the exception and suitability is clearly stated on each product page.



For 20 years, twelve here in the Middle East, Claire has worked to advance both result-driven facial treatments and home skincare and wellness with a dedication to client education and a personalised approach to every skin.

Globally qualified as an advanced aesthetician, accredited by one of the highest International regulatory bodies - CIBTAC and a current member of the British Cosmetology Association.  

Claire has gone onto to be awarded diplomas in ''Advanced Skin Science'' and ''Advanced Skin Health Assessments for Aesthetic Practice''

Having fought acne into her adult years, Claires passion is simple - to help more people achieve healthy, beautiful, glowing skin.



HONESTY:  Our skin can be complex to understand and every skin is unique.  Therefore we promise to help you make the best choices for your skin.  No gimmicks or generalised statements. Only straight talking product descriptions that help you determine if the product is right for you. 100% transparency. 100% based on professional education. 

RESULTS:  We carefully select only the very best result driven products.  We do not offer everything and anything, overwhelming you with choice or confusion.  If you see a product on The Skincare Edit it is because it has been professionally tried, proven and known to work for the skin in which we recommend it. 

SUSTAINABILITY:  Sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make.  Take a read of our sustainability initiatives to see the part we are playing in making our world a more sustainable circular economy.  

PRICING:  Tired of over inflated costs in the region or multiple international deliveries with unknown taxes, import and processing fees on arrival.  At The Skincare Edit we work hard to get you comparable prices to the rest of the world. All our 'exclusive' brands have pricing comparable to that of their home markets so we deliver you true value and fair pricing.