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Altruist Dermatologist Primer SPF 50, 30ml

Five Star Ultra UVA Protection. High quality sunscreen at the lowest cost possible. Created by dermatologist Dr. Andrew Birnie.

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High Quality, Lowest Price

Dermatologist Formulated

Ultra UVA Assured


Cruelty free

Made in Germany

In 2022 50% of all packaging was made from recycled plastic

🌍 Altruist supports charities that help children with albinism in Tanzania and the rest of Africa.🤝

Contains No Oxybenzone or Octinoxate.

Lightweight primer with SPF 50, broad spectrum UV protection. Apply under makeup. Minimise the risk of skin cancer and skin ageing with broad spectrum SPF50 and 5 start ultra UVA (PPD 48) protecting. This lightweight primer doesn’t feel heavy or leave a sticky residue on the skin like a lot of sunscreens would.
- Hypoallergenic
- Non-comedogenic
- Fragrance and paraben free
- Water resistant



- All Skin types, including oily / acne skins

- Non-comedogenic, oil-free formula 

- Enriched with Antioxidant Vitamin E

- Helps prevent skin cancer

- Helps prevent cell DNA damage caused by UV rays 

- Helps prevention of hyperpigmentation and dark spots

- Helps prevention of collagen and elastin breakdown


SPF truly is the best anti-aging cream in the world and the best way to enjoy the sun sensibly. 

Dr. Andrew Birnie behind Altruist has developed outstanding formulations at an affordable price point, with an aim to reduce the rising incidence of skin cancer globally. With an ethos of no profit, a charity foundation and investment to further skin cancer research and product development - what's not to love?!

A transparency in regards to UVA protection rating that much of the industry is lacking, and skin cancer institutions are calling for greater regulation - Altruist publish the PPD rating - PPD stands for “persistent pigment darkening.”  It not only prevents skin cancer and pigmentation but supports the most critical role within our anti-aging skincare efforts.   

♲ In 2021 49% of all packaging was made from recycled plastic. 

** Altruist is excluded in any website wide offers due to Altruist being a charity brand that we support **