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Ross J. Barr Calm Patches, 10 patches

Created by Ross J. Barr, a registered acupuncturist and leading health and wellness expert in the fields of fertility, immunity, sleep and calmness. Ross believes in natural remedies, and in the case of the supplements, made from premium food state ingredients.

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Targeted solutions

100% Natural and traditional essential oils and herbs

Leading expert formulated

Made in United Kingdom

A natural product that is effective and convenient to ease tensions, headaches and everyday stressors and agitation.

Small and discreet patches placed on the temples get to work straight away to support you in times of stress or when you just want to enhance your Zen. An immediate calming effect is felt thanks to the unique scent created by the combination of White Peony and Peach that elicits a deeply relaxing olfactive experience. 

A special selection of herbs further help support and maintain the relief of headaches, stress, tension, brain fog and neck pain.

Formulated with Chuan-xiong that is known to calm, Safflower that soothes and reduces inflammation and Asarum that is used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat aches and pains.


- Stress

- Headaches

- Irritable

- Mental Anxiety

- Soothes frustrations

- Supports Sleep

- Brain fog