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Drowsy Silk Pillow Case Akoya Pearl

Sale priceAED 410.00

Next day delivery UAE / Express DHL shipping GCC

Luxury 22 Momme Mulbery Silk

Hair and Skin Protecting

100% washable

Experience glorious sleep with the ultimate pillow case

“This pillowcase is divine, I can't sleep without it.”

Frankie A.


- 22 momme silk pillow case

- Standard size 75 X 50 cm

- Luxury envelope closure

- Hair protecting + anti sleep crease

- Skincare and beauty essential

- 100% washable.

Elevate your sleep to the next level with the Drowsy silk pillow case. The cult favourite of beauty editors, silk reduces the friction that causes long term damage to hair and skin and night. This heavenly pillowcase glides over skin making bedtime irresistible.