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Complete Gut Restore Tropical Mango - Fibre and Prebiotics - 200g

Created by Dr Warren Stewart. Morlife's multi-award winning products provide highly nutritious functional superfoods for improved wellness.

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Ultimate All-In-One Gut Food

Multi-Fibre Prebiotics


Made in Australia

No Gluten, No Added Sugar, No Dairy, No GMO, No Fillers.

The All-In-One Gut Food. A glorious tropical blend that promotes a happier tummy and kick starts gut mobility. 

Featuring the synbiotic combination of shelf-stable probiotics & essential prebiotic fibres, in addition to resistant starch, soluble & insoluble fibres, this blend provides a comprehensive range of functional herbs and extracts as well as Calcium, Zinc + Vitamins A, B2, B3 & Biotin to encourage gut lining repair, optimise digestive enzymes & support metabolism.  


- Gut Lining

- Essential probiotic fibers;

- Optimises digestive enzymes

- Digestive System

- Metabolism

- Bowl regularity


- Multi - Fibre

- Probiotics and Polyphenols 

- Zinc

- Calcium

- Green Tea

- Lemon Balm

- Glutamine

- Chamomile

- Aloe Vera

- Organic Rosehip;

- Milk Thistle Seeds

- Vitamins A, B2, B3 & Biotin