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Ross J. Barr Period Patches, 7 Patches

Created by Ross J. Barr, a registered acupuncturist and leading health and wellness expert in the fields of fertility, immunity, sleep and calmness. Ross believes in natural remedies, and in the case of the supplements, made from premium food state ingredients.

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Targeted solutions

100% Natural and traditional essential oils and herbs

Leading expert formulated

Made in United Kingdom

Discreet, lightweight, comfortable for long-lasting support. 

The period patches’ size and shape are designed to be placed over specific acupuncture points on the lower back and sacrum. The warmth from the herbs radiates through the acupuncture points to help soothe cramps. 

Containing essential oils that provide a unique smell that elicits a deeply relaxing olfactive experience.

Ross J. Barr period cramp patches have been designed and tested with help from the OHNE Collective, pioneers of period health, and the staff at Claire Mellon & Associates, a leading gynaecology and obstetric practice based at The Portland Hospital, London.

For best results, apply when you first feel your cramps begin. This product is for external use only and is not intended to replace medicines or any medical devices.