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Article: The NO In-flight Skincare Routine

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The NO In-flight Skincare Routine

Travelling economy or first class, kids or no kids, it can make a big difference to our flight expectations.  But when it comes to skincare and travel we've learned the same easy rules apply. And it doesn’t involve a full in-flight skincare routine - despite what instagram photos may have you believe. 

Here our experts talk the better alternative to an in-flight skincare routine. 

Ahead of travels

Think carefully about holiday prep treatments.  Don’t make the mistake of going too invasive before travelling, a disrupted or recovering skin barrier will suffer far greater from trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) mid-flight and will cause your skin to mis-behave.

Instead ask your facialist to focus on gentle exfoliation and deep multi-molecular hydration alongside skin strengthening lipids and peptides. Or do your own version of this at home. 

Zelens Power D is a stand out product all year but especially for pre-flight for its moisturising, hydrating, skin strengthening capabilties. It's lightweight and works for all skin types including acne prone and sensitive skins too. 

In flight skincare

Zelens Power D Vitamin Concentrate.

Pre-Flight Prep

Prior to your airport arrival do a BIG version of your skincare routine. 

Think layers and layers of goodness from facial mists, to antioxidants, facial oils / moisturisers to an intense hydrating mask - then let it do its job! 

Go make-up free if you can with a touch of concealer if needed along with a trusted lip balm.  

A holy grail for ultra hydration is Votary's Intense Overnight Mask which is super hydrating for a pre or post flight skin boost. 

Votary Intense Overnight Mask -  Rosehip and Hyaluronic.

In Flight 

The the no-flight easy routine!  Considering hygiene, bacteria and above all the air is just far too dry up there to be doing a full routine.  Let your prep do all the work and relax. 

Wipes - antibacterial - are for your hands not your face. 

As you wish to you can top up hydration by spritzing with a great facial mist. No hands needed and can be added on top of existing skincare and make-up.  

Choose a mist that supports your microbiome and has anti-inflammatory benefits. 

In Flight Hydration

For long haul flights you can add another layer of facial oil or a hydrating mask that you can keep on your skin until you arrive at your destination. No removing, no cleansing, no wipes on your face. 

Eyes and lips deserve a special mention as they are always the first to dry up!  

Travel with eye drops and a nourishing lip balm. 

In flight skincare

Lük Lip Nourish, AED 80

Touch down

Once you have arrived at your destination take everything off including pollution, dirt and grime with a deep nourishing cleanse. This is one time we recommend double cleansing. I would choose an oil or gel cleanse. Nothing stripping or drying as always recommended.

Then simply follow with a clarifying or hydrating mask which will be based on your usual skin concerns.  Congested, dehydrated, etc. 

Votary Super Glow Mask is a brilliant answer to tricky, confused skins that are both dehydrated and congested and will leave skin soft, decongested and supple. 

After flight travel skincare 

Happy holidays, happy flight, happy skin.

With love,

The Skincare Edit – Team x  

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