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Article: Summer Escape - What not to pack

Summer Skincare Travel Tips

Summer Escape - What not to pack

Summer getaways are exciting but packing for them less so.

That’s why we’ve rounded up our experts' tips to help make the process easier. From summer essentials to what not to pack. 

The Prep

Travel smart with the right prep work.  If you want smooth skin and an even tan (faux or sun safe) exfoliation is key.  Most days of the year we tend to neglect the skin on our bodies, summer prep is a great time for some body TLC.  

Votary Body Treatment Oil smoothes away roughness to reveal fresh new skin through natural salicylic acid enzymes (from the American Wintergreen plant). Whilst Macadamia oil, Rosehip oil, Sea Buckthorn oil and Vitamin E all add softness and vitality.

Founder of Votary Arabella says:

‘‘This is my body SOS oil. Unsightly patches of dry and rough skin are gone overnight when I target them with this miracle product. It’s a skin-perfecting wonder!’
Votary Body Treatment Exfoliating Oil

Votary Body Treatment Oil 

Prefer a manual body exfoliation try Olive Smoothing Body Scrub which has fine particles of olive seed powder to manually buff away dead skin alongside Hazenut Oil and Shea butter to deeply hydrate. 

Olive Smoothing Body Scrub

Leave Behind

Summer holidays are a great time to pause on your ‘stronger exfoliating treatments’ and actives that can cause increased sun sensitivity. Think Glycolic acids and Retinoids.

For travelling smart we’re prioritising hydration and protection.   

The Essentials

We look to multi-functional smart products that provide a multitude of benefits in a single formula for a streamlined supercharged routine that is light on the packing. 

The Essential Routine: 

Morning: Cleanse, Antioxidant Serum, Moisturise + SPF

Evening: Cleanse, Serum and Moisturise

Optional (chose based on your skin concerns): Enzyme Exfoliation / Hydrating Mask. 

Top Tips:

Warmer weather and increased activity means increased sebum production and sweat (Eww but true!) for your skin.  Keep to gentle thorough cleansing twice a day, removing sunscreen, pollution, excess grime and sweat will set the stage for your summer skin.

Light hydrating antioxidant serums offer a super important and dual function, while light moisturisers seal in hydration ensuring your skin stays fortified and resilient.

For most of us we cannot pause on exfoliating, especially for oily t-zones – who wants blocked pores and dull skin?! Instead opt for gentle exfoliation that keep pores clear, decongests and illuminates skin without causing sun sensitivity. 

Zelens PHA Essence, Votary Super Glow Mask and Alpha-H Generation Glow are all great choices for gentle exfoliation. 

THE Essentials Travel Kit - Available Summer 2023

An expertly curated kit for all skins this summer. Dhs 596 417.20

Travel Skincare Kit

The Travel

Long-haul flights, city pollution or weather extremes can leave our skin feeling dehydrated. 

A dedicated multi-molecular hyaluronic acid or facial mist with optimal concentrations of low and high weighted size molecules will help bind moisture throughout all levels of the skin and help keep skin hydrated and firm (remember to seal HA with a moisturiser or facial oil) 

ALPHA-H - Hyaluronic Acid 8 Super Serum 

ZELENS - Hyaluron Intense Pumping Serum


Whether you are beachside or spending summer in the city, SPF is your summer absolute essential that you’ll carry with you daily for both face and body. 

As UV indexes peak and we take in more sun exposure than usual, ensuring you have face and body covered is good skin health practice as is re-application.

Look for products with optimal UVA protection, these rays are present all year round, penetrate windows and are responsible for ageing. 

Dhs 157

Family Altruist SPF Bundle

The Accessory

A hat is the perfect accessory for long term healthy skin.  

Bucket hats are an ideal cover up that still works as airport attire and will bounce back from any packing.  

USD 99

Wave Bucket Hat by Lack of Color 

Dhs - USD 149 

The Inca Bucket Hat by Lack of color 

USD 139

Seashells Fedora by Lack of Color

Skincare Addicts?

For those of you who love that extra serum or two for boosting skin repair from summer adventures..  We're thinking sun, sea, fun living.. This is for you! 

VOTARY - Super Seed Serum 

This easily absorbed plant based serum has the ability to sooth the most irritated or sensitive skins. While powerful peptides firms, soothes and leaves the skin more resilient for your next adventure. Suitable for all skins. 

ZELENS - Melatonin B12 Advanced Repair

Revive and repair damaged, tired skin showing signs of ageing.  Melatonin is quickly becoming a new star  ingredient through increasing clinical studies showing it's ability to prevent and reverse DNA damage.   If you're worried about the effects of travel and UV rays - this is your go to! 

THE END - Happy travels. x 


Images: Lack of Color 

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