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Ross J. Barr Calm Support Duo - 60 Capsules + 10 Patches

Created by Ross J. Barr, a registered acupuncturist and leading health and wellness expert in the fields of fertility, immunity, sleep and calmness. Ross believes in natural remedies, and in the case of the supplements, made from premium food state ingredients.

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100% Vegetarian

100% Natural food state supplement

Bioavailable micronutrients in a purest form 

Leading expert formulated

Made in United Kingdom

Without gluten, wheat, soy and starch. Lactose free. No fillers, colors, flavors or preservatives free. No-added sugars.

A powerful supplement that contributes to the normal function of metabolism, the adrenal nervous system and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

A combination of our Adrenal Calm Formula; designed to contribute to the normal function of metabolism, nervous system and reduction of tiredness & fatigue, and our best-selling Calm Patches which blend a special selection of herbs to help support and maintain the relief of headaches, stress, tension, brain fog and neck pain. All-round relaxation.

 Adrenal Calm Formula contains 60 capsules (60 Days Supply),

Pack of Calm Patches contains 10 Patches (5 uses).

Developed by celebrity favourite Ross J. Barr, who is regarded as one of the UK's leading and trusted fertility and wellbeing specialists.


- Supports our nervous system

- Improves mental performance and our energy yielding metabolism

- Combats tiredness and fatigue

- Supports the adrenal glands helping prevent adrenal stress and adrenal fatigue, which are overworked during times of stress

- Offers protection against hypertension 

- Helps protect against stress