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Ross J. Barr Zinc & Copper Formula, 30 Tablets

Sale priceAED 85.00


100% Natural food state supplement

Bioavailable micronutrients in a pure form 

100% Vegetarian

Leading expert formulated

Made in United Kingdom

Without gluten, wheat, soy and starch. Lactose free. No fillers, colors, flavors or preservatives free. No-added sugars.

Zinc is critical across the body, in the skin and for our immunity

Not a glamorous supplement but a very important mainstay for the immune system. Zinc is present in all tissues, but isn't stored or produced organically by the body meaning it's only absorbed through food or supplements. Our food state Zinc & Copper formula is the prefect solution, ideal for helping your immune system, blood sugar levels, cell restoration, skin, nails, and bone health.

We've combined it with copper to avoid any deficiencies during long-term usage as zinc and copper compete for same absorption sites. 


- Immune health 

- Supports blood sugar levels 

- Cell restoration and healing

- Support hair growth 

- Supports skin, nails and bone health 

- Acts as an antioxidant, to reduce Inflammation 

- Enhances skin repair and reduces redness