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Votary Super Glow Mask – Watermelon & BHA, 30ml

Sale priceAED 205.00

Cruelty Free


Natural Actives

Powerful Plant Extracts

Suitable for Pregnancy

Made in United Kingdom

No Parabens, No SLS, No Silicone, No Sulphate

Effortlessly transforms even the most troubled of skins, unveiling a smooth  luminous complexion. A synergistic power of watermelon extract and BHA brightens, smooths and nourishes skin while active BHA deep cleanses pores and congestion. 

Clean, condition and illuminate your skin with this beautiful glow mask where watermelon and salicylic acid combine to combat the effects of environmental pollution, dehydration, blocked pores and dullness.

Carefully crafted this lightweight mask is made with 100% natural plant oils, including watermelon, passionfruit, avocado, peach, oat kernel, grapeseed, argan kernel and sunflower seed oils, along with rosemary leaf extract and BHA salicylic acid. 


- Works in three ways. Exfoliates, deep cleans and nourishes skin

- Delivers serious luminosity to the skin.

- Perfect for skin that is tricky to understand and complicated

- Fantastic on skin which feels a little congested or ashy


Dull, congested, stressed skins suffering the complexities of air conditioning, sunscreen and environmental stresses. 


All skin types. Including Oily and Sensitive skins.